Sewer and French drain maintenance

Sewer cleaning (unclogging)

Whether they are plugged up with tree roots or by the accumulation of fat or any other obstacle that stops the flow of fluids, your sewers can be unclogged and thoroughly cleaned by R. Paquette Égoutier specialists.

Cleaning is done using a pressure washer or electric knife, depending on the nature of the obstruction.

Cleaning, repair, and replacement of French drain

Home owners or owners of commercial buildings dealing with problems of ferrous ochre can count on the expertise and services of R. Paquette Égoutier to get rid of this viscous liquid that damages drains. Our specialists can also remove sand which can clog the drain.

There are cases where the drain has been crushed, a situation that can result in water seeping into the house. Here again; Marco Vallée experts can repair the drain.

They can also proceed to its replacement.


R. Paquette Égoutier can carry out the pre-purchase inspection of houses: it locates all the storm and sanitary systems as well as French drains and carefully inspects them to assess their condition and the need to carry out repairs.

Pressure washing of pipes

In addition to sewer pipes for residential and commercial sectors, R. Paquette Égoutier experts can clean culverts (in ditches) and drainage ducts of agricultural fields.

They can also clean pipes connected to gutters which have been clogged by leaves.

Smoke test

This test allows you to check the waterproofing of pipes, by detecting air leaks that the camera cannot detect. First, we use a balloon to block the pipe that leads to the main street sewer system; we then seal the roof vent and blow smoke into the pipe. If smoke comes out of a seal for instance, this indicates that there is a problem.

This test is very accurate and highly efficient and it does not cause any damage.