Experts in sewer and French
drain cleaning

Richard Paquette founded his company in 2006, after learning all the secrets of sewer piping while working for several years for another contractor. In January 2013, he relinquished control of R. Paquette Égoutier to Marco Vallée, a seasoned professional in his own right with 20 years of experience in dealing with pipes.

Today, the company has four employees who crisscross the territory of Greater Montreal (which includes the West Island up to the Ontario border, Laval, Repentigny, and the south shore up to the U.S. border) aboard their three vehicles to carry out the clearing of sanitary and storm sewers, the cleaning of French drains, and the high pressure washing of pipes. 

They serve their residential and commercial clienteles quickly and efficiently, making sure to never leave a work site until everything is
resolved … and clean! In fact, you could even catch them sweeping the place where they worked, even though they always make it a point to remove their boots prior to entering a residence or an office.

In addition to the honesty and competence of its specialists, R. Paquette Égoutier offers you a significant advantage: equipment at the cutting edge of technology.

Piping inspection is performed using a sophisticated colour camera that records photos and videos. It is particularly efficient in locating a broken pipe buried deep underground, without having to dig up and damage the land. The camera is connected to the sewage worker’s computer, who can determine its exact position in relation to the sewer entrance. The camera is equipped with an integrated writer: so, we can provide you with a DVD of the inspection as soon as it is completed.

R. Paquette Égoutier experts use an electric knife to cut the roots that cling to pipes.

A high-performance pressure washer can go down to a depth of 400 feet to clean sewers and French drains. This makes it possible for instance, to get rid of bacteria such as those found in the composition of ferrous ochre.

We use electric serrated knives to unclog pipes (from one to eight inches in diameter) as well as toilets.